Author: Julie Terebkov

Welcome back to another week of talking with us here at Fourscore Coffee. We're back with more to say, and we're here to stay. We know there are questions you're all itching for us to answer. Like, why in the world is Abraham Lincoln's head everywhere? So, let's dive right in and we'll explain it all.

Abraham Lincoln

Fourscore Coffee is located at 327 Lincoln St. in Roseville, California. The location is the first of many nods to Lincoln. We are located in historic Roseville, right by the railroad and in the heart of the city. The location is key to who we are. We love being in the center and hub of all that happens here in Roseville.


Our goal is to emancipate people from pretentious coffee culture.  We believe that people come first, before coffee or anything else. We care about coffee and this in no way means we don't take coffee seriously. At Fourscore the first priority and goal is always to create a welcoming and genuine experience for everyone. Coffee comes second but, does not lose it's quality or even importance.

We believe that everyone is equal and should be treated that way. The goal is that you feel welcome ordering whatever you like, whether it's a maple latte or a shot of our single origin espresso. We also want people to feel welcome to ask any questions and to learn more about coffee with us. You can even ask us what new, special or seasonal drinks we are offering during your visit.

Another one of our main goals is partnering with great organizations like, AIM (Agape International Missions) to fight human trafficking. We sell reusable coffee sleeves from AIM, which are all made by young women rescued out of sex trafficking. This is another nod to Abraham Lincoln, an abolitionist; we are here to fight human trafficking and do our best to support organizations that fight these issues.


Coffee is still very important to all of us here, and doesn't lack because we choose to put people first. Our coffee is exceptional and locally roasted out of Loomis. We use Valiant Coffee which is amazing and their espresso blend goes well in any drink you decide to order.

The Valiant Espresso Blend is a mix of Guatemala, Costa Rica and Sumatra coffees which brings notes of citrus and raspberry, while also a keeping savory flavor to it. This allows for the coffee to compliment any syrups, chocolates and milk you add to it. The coffees handpicked for pour overs are also here for you if you're craving something refreshing. We tend to have a variety of coffees ranging from juicy, and fruit-forward to chocolaty with caramel sweetness. Ask the barista on shift what their favorite is, and we can recommend some tasty choices for any occasion.

We also have bagged coffee to take home with you. On our next blog we will talk about home brewing as a way to get your fill of coffee on a Sunday. Taking a day away from Fourscore Coffee should not be miserable so, we will talk about home brewing methods. 


We mentioned that people come first at Fourscore, and that will never change. We love interacting, supporting and working with the community through things like, events. You might see us around town serving up some amazing coffee and chatting away with our people.

We are filled with joy to see the response from you guys and we love our tribe. There's something so special about driving around town and seeing an Abe sticker on someone's car. We walk around town and love being close enough to all of you that we can start up a conversation anywhere we are. 

We love our community and we wouldn't be Fourscore Coffee without our tribe. Come in as you are, we are merely here to give an environment to make you feel welcomed, inspired, and loved by all of us behind the counter or anywhere else you may find us.

Welcome to the Fourscore Coffee tribe. All of us are excited for the future and the amazing things we have planned for the community. Stay tuned and catch each blog post to hear what's going on around here, in the community and in the coffee world. You won't want to miss out on our cheesy jokes and weird moments.

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Stay classy coffee tribe.